Simon Dutton

Brand Director

Simon Dutton is one of the UK’s leading branding and sales experts with more than a decade of experience in business development, branding, sales, marketing, and telemarketing.

He has been featured in The Times and Citizen Newspaper, Bedfordshire on Sunday, Bigglewade Chronicle, The BBC and other leading media outlets in the UK. He has also been interviewed by BBC Radio several times. During his long career, he has won an innovation award from Midbeds District Council in 2004. He was also asked to appear on the popular BBC show Dragon’s Den.

In the past, he has helped companies from various industries establish their presence in the UK and was often the brain of the sales and marketing department. His job has allowed him to work with some of the leading UK brands such as The Mirror Group of Newspapers, Jamie Oliver, British Swimming, Ardbeg Distillery (producer of one of the most popular whiskey brands in continuous production since 1815), Anglian Water, Govia Thames Link Rail and Kings College London. These are the few national brands with whom Simon has worked in the past and most of them are household names in the UK.

Although, the list of national and international brands which have benefited from Simon’s acumen over the years is endless and it would be impossible to include their names here as the list runs into thousands.

Simon’s passion is to help small and medium businesses to grow and he has educated a number of entrepreneurs & directors about the importance of usable branded promotional items. Unlike advertisements, usable branded promotional items offer an immense opportunity to put your brand in front of people multiple times by investing a small amount of money.

Simon was one of the few people who realised the importance of bespoke branded products and other small electrical gadgets which have become an omnipresent feature of our daily lives. He has helped many established businesses in designing bespoke promotional USBs and other branded items.

Recently, Ardbeg Distillery awarded him an ongoing contract for supplying their bespoke promotional USBs as they plan to distribute thousands of branded USBs to their enthusiasts.

As a branding expert, Simon has carved out a niche for himself by focusing solely on promotional products and his background in sales and marketing has proved to be an asset in this quest. If you need branding advice from a time tested branding veteran, then feel free to reach Simon at or follow his latest updates on social media.

Since the incorporation of Gloweasy Limited in 2002, Simon has been the main driving force behind the success of the company and as a result of his efforts Gloweasy Promotions has become an easily recognisable name in the crowded world of the UK branding industry.