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Frequently Asked Questions

Is My Logo Good Enough?

We often receive poor quality logos in the incorrect format.  We would strongly recommend that if you are investing in any promotional campaign or marketing plan that you make sure you logo is as clear and crisp as it can be.  This will make a lot of difference as it will give your company image a professional look.  We offer a basic re draw service which means we would change / edit the colours on the logo and convert it to a correct editable file, a basic re draw of a logo can normally be completed within a few hours.   We also offer a complete logo design service that often requires a new design, shades and Pantones given a brief we will turn your brand / logo into something truly unique, please see sample below.

Logo Redraw Example

If you feel you would like to talk to us about any design aspects then please get in touch.

What Is Dye Sublimation?

DSP has been used in printing for some time but has only recently become available for ceramic decoration. Special inks are printed onto the surface of a coated paper, but not as a permanent print. The paper releases the print when heat is applied, when in contact with the prepared surface of a say a beaker.

DSP uses organic dyes allowing a stunning combination of colours. It is a more versatile finish than fired enamel colours, as it does not have to withstand a kiln firing. However, some loss of vividness can arise if exposed to too much bright light and heat and the protective film can lose its luster if washed frequently in harsh dishwasher cycles.

Nevertheless, it is bold and with the right artwork opens up brilliant reproduction possibilities straight from a computer screen.

What Is Full Colour Printing?

The image is broken down into four essential colours: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (known as CMYK). Most creative software can store an image in CMYK format, but be careful as the monitor may not give a Pantone accurate version of the image, it is best to send graphic files with a printed visual.

Note that the Magenta is not as strong as in paper printing, limiting the strength of reds and pinks. This can be overcome using spot colours from extra screens.

What Is Direct Screen Printing?

In this method an image, usually up to 4 line colours, is printed within a given area, directly onto the rotating body of a mug.

This method is used when:

  • There are limitations with this process and it is primarily used for the low budget side of the market.
  • A direct printer can print several thousand prints per day, as compared with the slower, hand decorated transfer process.

What is a PMS (Pantone Matching System) Colour?

You want your logo in blue, but which blue?  Even specific titles like "royal blue" can vary between items and printers. We wouldn't want to cramp your style by having your items mismatch, so we offer the Pantone Matching System (PMS) to keep everything in line. Unless stated otherwise, all items on can be printed using the Pantone Matching System (PMS). The Pantone matching system assigns number codes to ink colours, allowing you to ensure that printer No1 who may be printing your stress balls and printer 2 who might be printing your t-shirts use the SAME blue on both items. PMS colour matches are available on most items upon request, and an additional fee may apply.

What is a spot colour?

Spot colour refers to a method of specifying and printing colours in which each colour is printed with its own ink. For example, our one colour / one location items are printed this way. In contrast, process colour printing uses four inks (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black or CMYK) to produce all other colours. Spot colour printing is effective when the printed matter contains only one to three different colours, but it becomes more expensive for more colours.

What file formats do you accept?

Vector artwork such Adobe Illustrator (.AI or .EPS), Corel Draw (.CDR), and Macromedia Freehand (.FHX) in PC or MAC platform is preferred. We request that any type be converted to outlines (curves) before sending if possible. Most clients send EPS Files.

What is our sample policy?

You want to know what you're investing your hard earned money in, of course! We understand how important it is to truly experience an item's uses first hand. So in order to help you purchase with confidence, we have developed the following sample policy:

  • Samples can be requested either by phone or e-mail. As we have 1000's of items to choose from, some samples have to be charged for, simply because we are charged for them and they maybe of higher value. We can advise you if the sample your request will be free or chargeable by e-mail prior to despatch.

What if I can't find the product that I am looking for?

Gloweasy Promotions is a web-based business, but we have access to thousands of products beyond those represented on our pages. If you do not find a promotional product listed on our web site or would like to create your own, contact us at

How do I submit my artwork?

You may submit your artwork to us by email. In most cases we prepare a quote for you which indicates all the types of files we can receive, most common being Eps & Pdf files. We then simply send you back a "Visual Proof" for you to agree to, prior to printing.

What if I am not happy with the final product?

While there is no easy answer to this question, the great news is we are here to help. As you might expect from our name, Gloweasy Promotions only sells QUALITY LOGO PRODUCTS. All of the products featured on our web site are hand picked by our team of experts and must meet an extensive list of requirements before being made available for sale via the web site. We are committed to delivering a quality product on time and printed according to the customer's exact specifications. In these very rare cases we would resolve this directly with the client.

What is the return policy?

No returns of imprinted goods are accepted. Unauthorized returns are not accepted. We clearly state our policies on all our quotes under "Terms" section so please refer to that.

How safe is my personal information?

In a day and age where phishing scams, identity theft, and data leaks make headlines on a daily basis, Gloweasy Promotions are constantly taking the necessary steps to protect you as a valued customer. All of your contact and order information is safe, password protected, and secure behind our firewall and protected Database. We do NOT sell or share your information collected, nor do we make this information available to third parties.

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